Tips for your Christmas countdown decoratio



Apart from spending time with friends and family, you always have fun on Christmas with joyful decorations. Decorating your home is one of the many Christmas traditions that will get yourself in the holiday spirit. Here are a few tips for your Christmas countdown decoration.

Decorate your Christmas tree

Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas, along with Santa Claus. Every year when Christmas comes, it is time to go hunt a Christmas tree and decorate it. You can choose to buy a live tree, or you can buy an artificial one so that you can use it for the next seasons. Once you get your favourite tree, you can start decorating it. First, string lights on the tree and wrap them around each branch, moving from the bottom up. You can also add garlands to the tree, such as ones made of tinsel or cranberries. Wrapping them around the tree will make it look festive and stunning.


Decorate your Christmas tree with ornaments/ Ph: Pexels

In addition, you can put your favorite ornaments on the tree as well, such as Christmas balls, stars, or any small trinket. To finish your decoration, place an angel or star at the tip of the tree as a topper. Here are a few ideas for you. First, you can choose to try something new when you decorate your tree. Aside from family heirloom ornaments, decorating a tree with Star Trek or superhero-themed ornaments, or Disney characters will excite your children. They will be willing to do it with you. As Christmas countdown decoration should be a family thing, this will help bring family members together. 

Aside from that, you can buy ornaments from stores or you can make them yourself. Candy canes is an example. Also, some people choose to bring evergreens into the house during winter. They want to bring life and Christmas spirit into the house. Decorating an evergreen tree has been a Christmas tradition since the 16th century.

Hang socks over the mantle

This is actually a traditional activity for kids. They would hang their actual socks over the mantle with a believe that St. Nickolas would fill them with candy, coins or other small trinkets. Nowadays, people hang socks mainly as a Christmas countdown decoration. But for some families with children, they would become “Santas” who would leave toys and other small gifts in those socks. 

Other than a mantle, you can hang them off anywhere that's near your Christmas tree, such as of your television console, on a stair railing. One thing you might not know, traditionally people hung the socks over the mantle because that's where the socks could be dry after a wet winter's day.

Decorate your home with Christmas lights

One of the most fun things during Christmas is to visit outdoor displays of Christmas lights around your neighborhood. So why don’t you decorate your own home with lights so that it will be fun for your neighbors too? If you can, line the roof with lights or you just thread the lights through bushes or around your trees. You can even hang them up around your porch or yard to make a boundary. Inside the house, you can hang them on the mantle. In addition, you could try wrapping them around a handrail on your stairs. By doing that, your house will be full of lights during the holiday.

You can thread the lights around your trees/ Ph: Pexels

Add a nativity scene into the house 

This decoration is to focus on a religious Christmas. It is obvious that Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so adding nativity scenes are meaningful. Nativity scenes depict Jesus’s birth. There are Mary, Joseph, shepherds, the 3 wise men, and all the animals that were in attendance. You can place the scenes on your mantle or everywhere else in your home. According to the story, Mary gave birth to Jesus in a barn because there was no room at the inn. However, this kind of decoration is not so popular. Usually Christian families would love to add this scene into their house.

Decorate the poinsettias, evergreens 

These plants have been popular during Christmas for many years, so around Christmas, you can easily find them everywhere. To make your house look attractive for this holiday, you can set out poinsettias in pots around the house. Moreover, you can put up an evergreen wreath or if you don’t want to buy a real one, you can decorate with fake evergreen garlands in your home. With those plants, you will have an easy, festive Christmas decoration. 

Mistletoe is a common Christmas plant/ Ph: Amazon

In addition to poinsettias and evergreens, mistletoe has also been around with Christmas over the years. It was usually hung in doorways with a cute tradition. If a couple get caught under it, they're supposed to kiss. This plant also predates the Christmas holiday. However, you need to note that these plants can be poisonous for pets, so it is best to keep them out of reach. Also, your pets won’t have the opportunity to “play” with the decorated plants.

Make decorations to put around your home

There are a lot of Christmas countdown decoration ideas. Most of them don’t require you to spend a lot of money. You can use homemade ornaments to decorate your home for Christmas. For example, you can make paper snowflakes or paper chains with red and green paper. You can also string garlands out of popcorn and cranberries. In addition, collecting pine cones and evergreen branches to place around your home is a good idea too. 

Fruits that are often associated with Christmas including oranges should be placed in a bowl. They are also decorative when you stud them with cloves to make pomanders. Another idea for your Christmas decoration is that you can spray paint on tree branches with gold, silver, or sparkly paint. Afterwards, place them in vases. Also, put some candles on the tables to make your home look warm and cozy. Instead of the traditional Christmas colors which are green and red, you can also use other colors like white, gold, and silver to make your home festive. For homemade ornaments, you can make them out of things like paper, fabric or cinnamon that you have around the house.

With these ideas, hopefully your home will be perfectly decorated for Christmas.

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