The most fun Christmas countdown ideas for family



Christmas is an exciting event of the year. Apart from decorating the Christmas tree and the house, buying gifts and spending time with friends and family, it is so fun to countdown for Christmas. Here are several Christmas countdown ideas for your kids and families.

#1: Advent calendars

There are many different ways for family to get into the Christmas spirit in the house. Counting down to Christmas starting on December 1st is one of the most popular traditions and you can start by making a Christmas advent calendar. There are plenty of different ideas for advent calendars, however, you need to make the one that looks magical, so that it will be more exciting for your Christmas countdown. You need to do this before December started. 

Christmas is the most exciting holiday in a year for families/ PH: Time

The advent calendar is all about a list of activities that you and your family could do for each of the 25 days. They could be community events that are going to happen, or family activities like church parties, family visits… This idea can bring family members closer through activities. You should make a new advent calendar each year for more excitement. Apart from doing an activity each day, you can instead choose other types of advent calendars. For example, you make a calendar that includes toys. This will get the kids excited because they love toys The other one you can make is a series of stories about Jesus. Or for kids and parents, you can choose to opt for non-toy or non-sweets options.

#2: The Elf on the shelf

The Elf on the shelf is another Christmas countdown idea for you. This idea is actually based on a story. Every day before Christmas, Santa’s elf will observe the children in the house. He will be Santa’s eyes and ears in every place that the children go to, and after each day, the elf reports back to Santa at night. The kids can talk to the elf, but they can’t touch him. He will disappear on Christmas Eve and come back the next year.

If your family participate in the Elf on the shelf Christmas tradition, you will have a lot of fun, especially seeing what your house’s elf has been up to is hilarious and awesome. More importantly, the children will love this idea.

#3: North Pole communicator

This is another fun tradition you can do with your family. This Christmas countdown idea also starts on December 1st and counts down 25 days of Christmas. From December 1st of each year, your family needs to tune into the communicator to talk to Santa or one of his elves at the North Pole. You just need to do it once a day, and talk to them by pressing the button on the communicator. The kids will take turns using it and usually they are very excited to talk to Santa or the elf. They are usually asked open-ended questions and they all end up with multiple turns talking to whoever in the North Pole. 

You can talk to Santa or one of his elves at the North Pole before Christmas/ PH: Irish Times

If you want to talk to Santa or the elf before December 1, or after the once-a-day communication, you will only hear a “try again later” recorded message or static air sounds from the Northpole communicator. However, you need to make sure to keep it out of reach during the day because someone can sneak in their turn without anyone else getting to listen in. The North Pole communicator is exclusively available at Walmart. It’s part of a Christmas products line from Hallmark and is based on a new movie coming out which is called Northpole. To make sure you understand this Christmas countdown idea, you can read a book about Northpole from Hallmark.

#4: 12 days of Christmas

This idea comes from a tale about a secret Santa who drops off presents for a family on their doorstep at the same time each evening. This happens 12 days before Christmas day. All the presents will be catered right to your family, including adorable little poems. It will bring so much fun for you and your family when you receive such great gifts. Surprisingly, you will never figure out who drops gifts at your door, but that makes this idea become a magical thing for Christmas. Most importantly, you will all feel grateful for the blessing to receive these gifts

You can drop off presents on other family’s doorstep/ PH: Aleteia

Not only can you do this for your family, but you can also do this for another family, for example, your neighbors or friends for 12 days before Christmas. However, you might be surprised to know that historically, the 12 days of Christmas actually start on Christmas day. Some people still do this after the Christmas holiday, but most of them do this tradition before. If you are willing to, you can do it both before and after Christmas day. It is such a blessing to give another family gifts for an extended period of time.

#5: Kindness elves

This Christmas countdown idea is quite similar to the Elf on the shelf, but instead of relating to Elf stuff, they promote acts of service. Based on a simple but powerful idea about spreading kindness amongst kids, the kindness elves are magical friends who love to sprinkle kindness and joy every place they go. For example, they would visit your home and spread happiness with your children. The elves will also make suggestions for small acts of service and encourage the kids to do them in their daily lives. Sometimes the elves will do a bit of service for members of the house as well. It’s such an amazing holiday tradition.  

#6: A new Christmas book each day

This is not a traditional thing, but it is a growing trend. For each day before Christmas day, you wrap up 24 new books, preferably Christmas books, and read the book together with your family each day before Christmas. This idea can help bring a wonderful moment for family members.

With those Christmas countdown ideas above, hopefully we can help you create some exciting activities for your family to countdown for Christmas

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