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Have you prepared your Christmas decorations? Have you enriched your home with wonderful and colorful lights? Then it's time to decorate your phone! Our new live wallpaper app will give you everything you need to make your phone background beautiful in the Christmas season! You have the opportunity to choose your favorite wallpaper from a lot of "Christmas countdown live wallpaper" and a Christmas countdown clock at the same time. This "Christmas countdown live wallpaper" will make your phone stand out from the crowd and make it more awesome than ever.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Full

It is an interesting Christmas countdown application with a sparkling pine and clock!

'Christmas Live Wallpaper Full' is beautiful 3D live wallpaper with sparkling animated Christmas tree and exciting Christmas countdown clock, where you can count down Christmas day or New Year's Day or any day you put.

This version also features a clock scene, a combined Tree & Countdown / Clock scene, a Happy New Year scene with fireworks, a surreal 3D Snow scene, a magical Sky Lantern scene, plus a rewarding Valentine's Day scene, and a fireworks scene dedicated! (It's 9-Wallpapers-in-1!)

All scenes come with loads of customization options, which can be enjoyed either as live wallpapers or as a fully interactive foreground application, where you can look around freely and quickly customize your settings.

This version contains many additional features and personalization options including:

Christmas tree scene (6 motion camera animation)

4 new Christmas trees and multicolored sparkle mode!

Countdown scenes (Christmas countdown, New Year countdown and more!)

Set your own custom countdown date! (good choice for birthdays and anniversaries!)

Christmas tree combination + countdown or clock

Happy New Year scenes (with fireworks!)

3D snow scenes (day or night)

Sky Lanterns scene

3D fireworks scene

Valentine's Day Scene

Ability to choose any combination of your favorite scenes above for rotation.

Stunning bright background light or with shimmering sunbeams.

Choose your favorite camera angle and fly-bys 3D animation.

The amount of snow falling and their falling speed.

Optional HD to increase display quality. Great for tablets!

Lots of performance options to help your devices run smoothly and save battery life.

32-bit color mode for smoother colors.

Zoom option and screen positioning.

Christmas Countdown with Carols

This Christmas countdown live wallpaper has Christmas Scene with Christmas countdown clock in the snowy landscape with light and music. There is no denying that watching a Christmas tree with lights and a flashing lights screen is a great thing

This christmas countdown live wallpaper is interactive, you can rotate the camera view, click "Christmas Countdown" to get started.

With Christmas Carols (music) you press twice to play / stop Christmas carols, press once to change songs.

This Christmas countdown live wallpaper has Christmas Scene with Christmas countdown clock in the snowy landscape with light and music.

You can turn off the countdown to see only the Christmas tree or modify the countdown mode to set New Year Live Wallpaper!

Here are some special features of Christmas Countdown with Carols

8 different plants

Snowflake mode

Customize day / night

Set the camera angle fixed

Toggle interaction between countdown and clock on touch

Rotate the view while scrolling

Set position and rate to show time

Customize the colors for snow lights and backgrounds.

Set for long times.

Continuous scrolling mode

Christmas tree live

This is the most anticipated animated wallpaper for Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve. Christmas tree live will allow you to embrace the festive spirit in the first moment you see it. The scene depicts a beautiful Christmas tree adorned with fairy lights just like real Christmas lights. The panorama also depicts a small city handling a fireworks show for festivals. Light and quiet snow covers the whole scene and makes it impossible not to love it.

The Christmas scene won't be complete without traditional Christmas music on the screen. Snowfall, fairy lights on Christmas trees, fireworks and sweet music will make you never forget these moments.

The customization on this animated Christmas screen is:

The intensity of snowfall, snowflake speed and snow direction.

Presence of fairy lights christmas tree.

Presence of Christmas music.

Presence of fireworks.

Try changing these settings to create your own best combination for maximum effect. Start the Christmas countdown in the snow with lights and music or start the New Year countdown with lights and fireworks. You can use this app as a cartoon background in the new year or as an animated background in Christmas. We are sure that you will love it as much as we do.

Christmas Eve Live Wallpaper

There is no denying that Christmas Eve Live Wallpaper is a free magical free Christmas wallpaper with animated Christmas trees, dynamic Christmas lights, animated fireplaces, animated sleepy cats and more. This free Christmas Live Wallpaper will be a perfect decoration for your Android OS phone or tablet during long winter evenings and winter holidays: Christmas and New Year.


Ảnh chụp màn hình

Christmas Eve Live Wallpaper is a magical free Christmas wallpaper.

Its set up and main effects:

Cute sleepy cat

4 Christmas trees

Animated Christmas fireplace

Cartoon wreaths and lights on the Christmas tree

This free wallpapers look great on both mobile phones and tablet devices and it also supports screen switching. Christmas Eve Live Wallpaper will sleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery. This 3D animation is very smooth (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% of mobile devices)

All in all, Get ready for the holidays with new Christmas countdown wallpapers for smartphones! If you can't wait to decorate your home, you can start by giving your phone a beautiful Christmas tree and a countdown timer.

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