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Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of all time. It is true to say that children waiting for Christmas are even more than waiting for Halloween or their own birthdays. At the time of the holiday, shops are lit up with lights, wreaths hanging on the streets, and traditional Jingle Bells resounding everywhere in the neighborhood. But what if you want to feel the holiday is approaching? Although it is far from a holiday, you can start thinking about them. Of course, it's too early to think about gifts and celebrations, but you can already feel the holiday is approaching. Day by day - Christmas is getting closer. We have gathered the best apps for you to help you take a closer vacation and show you the approaching Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

Have you started preparing gifts for your loved ones? Let plan a trip. You will feel rushed because there is so much to prepare. To prevent this from happening, set up Christmas Countdown. You will really need a Christmas countdown clock. You can consider it your personal Christmas tracking device. Besides, you can also watch traditional background music - it will help you adjust the way you want. In addition, by clicking on the egg, you can hear the traditional Christmas bell and music. These little things will make you happy.

Now you will not miss the right time and will always know exactly how long you will be waiting for Christmas. You will always understand how much time you have left to prepare gifts for friends, family and close colleagues.

Christmas Carols

With this app, you can set a Christmas photo or GIF animation on your smartphone screen look. You will hear lovely Christmas tunes, like the ones played in major supermarkets and shopping malls the night before the holidays. You can change the image by flipping it to the next image. You can change the music and pictures, but the one thing that remains the same is the Christmas countdown.

At Christmas Carols, you get the traditional Christmas carols that have been sung by people for generations. For fun, you can play with Santa and his reindeer. Just click on Santa to play a minigame. You can also change the Santa trolley, - just click on it and edit until you are satisfied. It is true to say that this App will bring strange solutions for your phone

Christmas Countdown Timer Free

There is no denying that many are looking forward to Christmas. Celebrate Christmas with the free Christmas countdown app, as suggested by the app developers.

Come to your relatives and friends right at the beginning of the Christmas! Please install Christmas Countdown Timer Free on your desktop smartphone. Christmas Countdown Timer Free is constantly updated, so you'll always know how many hours, minutes and even seconds are left until Christmas.

Christmas Countdown Timer Free is constantly updated, so you'll always know how many hours, minutes and even seconds are left until Christmas.


You can choose the style and color of the timer. You can set night and day mode, choose desktop wallpaper and create a magical world on your smartphone. In addition, it provides animations of glowing wreaths and snowfall - so even if you're celebrating in hot Africa and outside your window, you don't have snowflakes, but the snowflakes will still be with you!

Christmas Countdown 3D scene

Videos, GIF animations, moving things on the screen - this is more interesting to watch than a still image! Christmas Countdown 3D scene will bring you this. You can view various interactive 3D scenes. The main screen is the Christmas tree, a symbol of holidays, made up of many bright lights.

 To see the effect of the hologram, simply click on the star on the top of the tree and the spruce tree will clean the space with a ray of light. Also, by clicking on the screen, you will have a surprise - an animated fireworks display.

Christmas carols are also included in the app. All you have to do is click on your smartphone screen to listen to one of them.

Please share screenshots from the app with your friends! With a countdown looks almost like a greeting card, so it is possible that your friends will definitely enjoy receiving such a message.

Sleeps To Christmas 2

Part two and a more improved version of Sleeps To Christmas. The previous section has become one of the most downloaded apps and the developers decided not to stop at this part.

With Sleeps To Christmas 2, we can count down until Christmas with cute new characters. As standard, Sleeps To Christmas 2 includes free themed songs and Christmas motifs.

With Sleeps To Christmas 2, we can count down until Christmas with cute new characters.

In fact, all the characters here are animated. Therefore it attracts the attention of both children and adults. All this puts you in a magical world - even if you haven't believed in Santa Claus for a long time. In particular, when you shake your smartphone, you will hear Christmas bells ringing!

Christmas Countdown Free – Snow Globe with Christmas Music

Keep track of how much time you have left to prepare with Free Christmas Countdown!

Christmas tunes come with a countdown - things you get from Christmas Countdown Free - Snow Globe with Christmas Music. You can easily create a happy mood at your home! Just run the application, the melody will spontaneously when counting down.

You can post your countdown on Twitter. Let your friends and subscribers know when Christmas is about to come - let them see and start preparing the gifts!

This is a completely free application that you do not need to rush to remove after the end of Christmas. Christmas comes every year, and you can start waiting for the next holiday season

All in all, here are some Christmas countdown widget you should use.

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