How many days until Christmas eve and the origin of the famous English Christmas songs

When a child is born, All I want for Christmas, The First Noel,etc are famous English Christmas songs. They are played whenever Christmas comes. They are so old and popular that the Christmas day seems to be associated with these songs. But do you know the meaning and origin of those songs? Learn about the origin of those English Christmas songs and you will probably be surprised by the facts about them.

When a child is born

When a child is born, the song was composed by composer Fred Jay and released in 1976. The song was performed by male singer Johnny Mathis. He was also the first person to perform the song and quickly sold over 850,000 copies in just the first 3 weeks of its release. Listening to “When a child is born”, you will easily relate to the fairy tale Little Match Girl of writer Alexander.

The song tells the story of the birth of babies in the cold winter. Although the lyrics avoid negative words, it all reminds listeners of the orphaned and homeless children; Babies with illnesses, not living in the care of their parents, not dressed up in beautiful costumes, enjoying delicious food at the cozy party table like many other children. Like the baby in the story “Little Match Girl” on Christmas Eve.

After the recording of male singer Johnny Mathis, in 2006, IL Divo group also successfully performed the song "When a child is born" and put this song on the album Christmas Collection of the group. In addition, the recording of Boney M is also quite famous and well known.

Contrary to the English Christmas carols about the joy of welcoming the end of the year, "When a child is born" is a reminder of the fate of orphans. They are alone in the cold darkness witnessing the bustle of people under the shimmering, warm yellow light. This association makes the listener feel sorry for the children. Therefore, please cherishing every moment of happiness and living a meaningful life. It seems that this is also the message that the musician Fred Jay wants to convey to the listener.

All I Want for Christmas

The name of the sexy American diva Mariah Carey is associated with the English Christmas songs "All I Want for Christmas". This is her most famous song, it is in the album called Noel "Merry Christmas", released in 1995. Album Merry Christmas has always been on the list of the best modern Christmas albums to date. It is also the only Christmas music song to hit record sales in the history of music with more than 400,000 copies sold in the first week of release.

It is surprising that this song has existed more than 20 years in the market. Upon receiving the idea of ​​making an English Christmas album, Maria Carey immediately nodded in agreement. She co-wrote with musician Walter Afanasieff to write the song "All I want for Christmas". The outline of the harmony, melody, and structure for the song was completed by the two people in 15 minutes but made a great echo until later.

Mariah Carey's diva song is simply about a girl's crush on Christmas. She did not care about the mysterious gifts filling the base of the pine tree, nor did she care about the sparkling, glowing electric lights on the holiday. All she needs is to be with her lover to welcome the special moment at the end of the year.

The First Noel

Dating back to the 16th century, The First Noel is longer than the above two songs. This is a famous folk song that is said to originate from both England and France. The word "Noel" sounds like a dreamy French style but in reality, the song The First Noel is originated from France and England.

"The First Noel" is one of the oldest English Christmas songs that has always been remembered by the audience. The song is a celebration of the quintessence of Christmas and. In many countries around the world, The First Noel is still the opening song for each Christmas season. According to the results of many researchers, this song is composed by a less educated person with close lyrics. This has made it a popular song around the world. This song is best known for its performance by the Irish group, Celtic Woman.

Besides When a child is born, All I want for Christmas, The First Noel,  there are many other Noel songs present in the list of the best English Christmas music collection. This year's holiday season, listen to these warm songs for a memorable Christmas with friends and family. December 24 is coming soon, please share your joy with your music today.

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