How many days left till Christmas and some Christmas book you should read

When the melody of Jingle Bells rang, when the Christmas trees began to sparkle with led lights, when Santa clad in bright red clothes, etc, people started exchanging meaning gifts. And for the kids, 15 great books about Christmas will be the most interesting and attractive gift.

The Little World of Liz Climo

This is a collection of interesting and funny stories about the lives of animals such as dinosaurs, koala bears, sharks, rabbits, etc. The Little World of Liz Climo is a book about Christmas that has moved into the hearts of its readers naturally, lovingly, without awkwardness. The characters can be a bit dumb, stubborn or sometimes lazy but hidden deep in them are profound lessons about life. This very cute, witty children's book will be an indispensable gift for the kids on the upcoming Christmas holidays.

Tropical Noel - Many authors

This is one of 5 great books about Christmas for children. Tropical Noel takes the kids to a very special place. There, an oak tree once wished once in a lifetime to be decorated like a pine. One sheep despite trying to be good all year to be dragged away to deliver gifts but the last minute accidentally made a mistake. The father of the horse replaced the reindeer to pull the carriage for Santa until dark

With 18 small stories of 9 young authors and extremely eye-catching color illustrations of two young painters, Noel in the tropics provides children with gentle but warm lessons to help them love, share, care for those around you.

Christmas carols - Charles Dickens

The Christmas carols were once considered one of the 100 greatest novels of all time and it is a good book about Christmas by writer Charles Dickens. Christmas came, despite the icy winds, heavy snow, the fire that warmed the home and soul, only Scrooge was cold and lonely. But then everything changed when the supernatural visitors visited Scrooge. Transforming the Scooge from a dirty old man into a compassionate person of Christmas spread love to everyone. This children's book sends the message of nature's circulation and the value of love.

The Christmas carols were once considered one of the 100 greatest novels of all time and it is a good book about Christmas by writer Charles Dickens. Source:

Christmas jars - Jason F. Wright

The magic is in the sincere concern, kindness between people for each other. This book is about Hope, a talented young journalist who lost his foster mother when he turned 23. At Christmas that year, Hope was so desperate and Maxwell's family brought Hope a Special Christmas gifts.

And to spread his happiness to more people, Hope gave the Christmas jars that year to those less fortunate than me. This good book about Christmas sends a simple message: sympathy and sharing of each person can bring faith and hope to those around them.

The polar express - Chris van Allburg

This good book about Christmas tells the story of a young boy living in an urban area in the 1950s in the US who believes in a real Santa. On Christmas Eve, he accidentally met a train to the North Pole and from here the magical adventure is portrayed extremely vividly by the author. In 2004, The Polar Express was adapted into a film directed by Robert Zemeckis.

A Christmas memory-Truman Capote

A Christmas memory is a Christmas book for children. It tells of the preparation of Buddy and his cousin for Christmas. Although the family is difficult, they still wish to have a meaningful Christmas by saving every penny and giving gifts, making cakes for relatives or even those they have just met for the first time. All of Buddy's beautiful memories of Christmas are described honestly by the author and regret for not being able to continue Christmas with the family.

The little match girl - Hans Christian Andersen

“The little match girl” was first published in 1848 in the fifth part of Nye Eventyr (New Fairy Tales). The story of a poor girl who sold matches on Christmas Eve and died in the cold of the winter has taken the tears of millions of people over the past 150 years. The outcome is not like the traditional fairy but Andersen has turned the Little Match Girl into the immortal work of writer Hans Christian Andersen and it has been handed down for generations.

“The little match girl” was first published in 1848 in the fifth part of Nye Eventyr (New Fairy Tales). Source:

Instead of a happy ending like the other Christmas works, the Little Match Girl brings a sad but humane ending. When children read this classic, they will appreciate their life and they will help others in difficult circumstances.

Letters from father Christmas - J.R.R Tolkien

The content of the book is the letters that Father Tolkien sent to his children at Christmas and tells about his life in the North Pole - the homeland of Santa Claus. Each story is extremely interesting for your baby about the reindeer herd or snow bears will stimulate their imagination about a magical Christmas land.

Mog's Christmas - Judith Kerr

The main character of this story is a fat cat named Mog. He had caused a disaster before Christmas and was described by the author in an extremely witty voice. This great book about Christmas is a phenomenon in 2015 and a very interesting Christmas gift for children.

The Snowman - Raymond Briggs

The Snowman is an exciting adventure to explore the North Pole of a snowman and a boy on Christmas Eve. The story is directed towards peaceful Christmas days and an incredibly beautiful friendship between the boy and the snowman. This Christmas book reminds children to appreciate their friendship - the most sacred sentiment.

Father Christmas - Raymond Briggs

Father Christmas is a Christmas book for children that tells about Santa's trip on Christmas Eve to give presents to children. On the journey were the happy and sad stories, or troubles that he encountered. The work is an interesting gift for children so that they can understand the hard work that even Santa Claus faces.

Here are some good Christmas book for children

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