How is Christmas celebrated in countries around the world, what's special?

Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world. Here's how to celebrate Christmas very special in some typical countries in the world. Christmas, also known as Christmas, Christmas or Christmas is a day to celebrate Jesus' birth. The holiday is officially celebrated on December 25 but is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24 because according to the Jewish calendar, the time to start the day is at sunset, not midnight.

Countries in Europe

In most European countries, Christmas holidays on December 25 and 26 are official holidays when businesses pay workers for all.

For Europeans, according to the Christmas tradition, it is primarily a family reunion, for each person to express their love and interest in family members, relatives and friends, neighbors. This is also the occasion for those working far away to visit their families.

After the Mass on the afternoon of December 24, it is usually followed by a family dinner and presents at midnight; since the afternoon is almost no street passersby. On the morning of December 25, all the families usually go to church to attend mass.


In Germany, the afternoons of the 24th (half day), the 25th and the 26th of December are national holidays where workers are still paid and are not allowed to open business shops (except train stations or airports).

The afternoon and night of December 24 is on the list of "silent holidays" (Stille Tage), there are laws depending on the state such as banning dance, noisy, banning organizing all entertainment events outside the house . etc.


The same as other Western European countries, in the Netherlands, the festive atmosphere starts from the night of December 6, the night of St. Nicolas.

Saint Nicolas's gift to three impoverished sisters through the chimney and the custom of hanging chimneys can be traced to this story.

According to legend, every year the patron saint in Amsterdam sailed to the city with his partner, Black Peter. They dress like a Moor. They are warmly welcomed. People exchanged gifts with each other and they eagerly prepared for the Christmas season.


Traditionally, Hungarian families remain vegetarian until the end of December 24. A family dinner on December 24 is well prepared with apples, almonds, honey and garlic, cereals, and pea soup cooked with butter. Later, when the vegetarian tradition was relaxed, they could eat more fish soup or cabbage stuffed with meat.

According to Hungarian traditional customs, the hostess must not leave the banquet table during the meal. Everyone will stand while eating, and the straw will be placed under the table to commemorate the birth of Jesus in the manger.


For the Russian Orthodox, many Eastern European countries and in the holy land of Jerusalem, Christmas falls on January 7 because they use the Julius calendar, not the Gregorian calendar, which dates from the 16th century.

Santa in the Russian Orthodox Christmas looks similar to Santa in the West but he wears a blue shirt and has a niece named Princess Snow. The princess is the person who gives gifts to children. For many Russians, the main reason to celebrate Christmas is that it is a chance to rest.


Japan has no official Christmas holidays. Christmas in Japan does not carry many religious colors. From the beginning of December, the street has started to decorate. Large centers in Tokyo such as Tokyo Station, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi all have lights called illumination. They are very beautiful. Particularly famous is probably the lamp corridor named "Tokyo Millenario" designed by Italian art director Valerio Festi. It stretches for 800 m at Marunouchi-near Tokyo Station.

Near to Christmas day, the squares are decorated with lots of pine trees. Supermarkets sell a variety of Christmas items such as red boots filled with candies inside, pine needles with red silk ribbon and gold-plated bells. There are also European Christmas cakes such as panettone, which are originally from Italy.

Some salespeople dressed as Santa Claus while serving customers. Large department stores are open until 11 pm, working both on 12/31 and 1/1. People often take Christmas to confess, give presents to each other. On Christmas Eve, Japanese families often eat Christmas cakes made by themselves or bought at a store.


Christmas in the America officially takes place on December 25 but is usually celebrated from the evening of December 24. This holiday is combined with the winter holiday, often called the holiday before Christmas.

Christmas in America is similar to countries in the West. During the festive season, cities often decorate with colorful, light to celebrate.


The British did not eat at midnight on the 24th, but on the afternoon of December 25. On the evening of December 24, they also went to the midnight ceremony, when they returned they slept right away. For them, the morning of the 25th is the important ceremony

The British had been preparing for Christmas long before that day: sending greeting cards, decorating the Christmas tree in a solemn place in the house. This custom has become a British tradition, and the one who spread the custom is the husband of Queen Victoria. Prince Albert introduced the practice from his native Germany, into England, in 1840.


At the present age, in Vietnam, although it is not an official holiday, Christmas has gradually been considered a general holiday. They usually celebrate Christmas on the evening of 24 and last until 25/12.

These days, Christmas trees are decorated in many places, be it artificial trees made of plastic, or real trees. The pine they use is usually three-leaf pine or horsetail pine, while in the western countries use a variety of pine, spruce, larch. In the trees, people often hang many decorations but often have pairs of bells, snow cords, boots, symbolic gift packs and decorative lights like Western countries.

All in all, a new Christmas season is coming with activities taking place in many countries around the world. Not only in Western countries, but Christmas today is also popular in Asian countries with many unique and interesting cultural features.

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