What should you prepare for Christmas countdown 2019?


Christmas preparation is one of the most exciting things to do with family and friends. In this article, we will give a list of what you should prepare before Christmas countdown 2019.

#1: Make your initial Christmas lists

This is a very important step because it will let you know the budget you need to spend for the holiday. 

List of the Christmas gifts you’re buying

Of course, you need to prepare Christmas gifts. You need to make a list of what to buy for people and where to get them. With a detailed list, you know that you should get them online or go to a grocery store or a shop. You can choose a more economical option.

List of the Christmas gifts you’d like to receive

When you have children, your family and friends might ask about gifts they could give. You should be an early planners, so that you could give them the answer when you are asked. For example, they might ask if you want clothes as a gift to your kids, you need to give them the size of the clothes.

Make your lists carefully before Christmas/ PH: inc.com

Make a stocking and card list

If you are one of those who love giving cards and hanging up Christmas stockings, you need to create this list and make sure your budget allows for them. However, you need to consider Christmas cards carefully because everybody just throws them away in a month or so. A special item might be a better option to prepare before Christmas countdown 2019.

#2: Make a budget

According to your initial Christmas lists, it is important to plan for expenses. Actually budgeting should be your priority instead of making your Christmas list because you might list everything you want to do or buy, no matter if it is affordable or not, and then end up in debt. However, if you want to make a list first, you can set a total amount that you want to spend, then eliminate something on the list if you are over budget.

This is how you should do. First, create your list for Christmas countdown 2019 and work out how much it’s going to cost. Next, look at your monthly budget. If you see something that you want but can’t afford, ask yourself some questions: Do you really need this thing/experience? Is there a way for you to afford it right now? If not, what would it take for you to be able to afford this? For the first question, if your answer is yes and you say no to the second, you need to have a saving plan for it. That’s why planning early is very important. https://xmasztime.com/Some-christmas-countdown-calendar-app

#3: Make a holiday plan

For those who live away from family, you tend to get together with them on Christmas. You need to decide where exactly do you want to spend the holiday. Either you want to go out or invite everyone to your place. Do you need to buy plane tickets or book a hotel? These decisions are needed to make early so that you can start to look for cheap options and then make a booking.

Also, if you’re not travelling but are hosting people, you should already know how many people are coming to stay with you and whether you have everything you need to accommodate them. You need to check if you get enough towels, bedsheets, duvet, or beds. If not, you can start buying them when the sales season starts so you can save money and get them ready before the big event.

#4: Start looking for sales

November is the month when sales usually happen so you need to take note and check for price alerts. By doing that, you can make sure you are on a budget or even help you save money for buying stuff for the holiday. Also, looking for sales early so that they don’t go out of stock when you buy them.

Look for sales when you go shopping for Christmas/ PH: The times

For example, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are scheduled, you need to take advantage of those to get a lot of big items with cheap prices. Buying online might be a better option. If you go to a physical store, do not bring your children with you. The battleground that stores become when these sales are scheduled can be horrific and you might not be able to focus on the presents you need to get.

Additionally, if you’re getting big stuff that needs to be assembled like furniture, you need to buy them early and then assemble them to see if there’s something broken. Also, don’t forget to get non-perishables, such as wrapping paper and decorations. https://xmasztime.com/Some-tips-about-christmas-countdown-live-wallpaper-for-you

#5: Mail your Christmas presents

Once you already have the Christmas presents ready, you can start mailing them, especially if you’re sending gifts internationally. By doing that, your recipients can get the presents days in advance, which is a perfect timing.

#6: Start decorating your home for Christmas

Clean the house and get it ready for Christmas/ PH: rd.com

It will be so much fun when you decorate your home for the Christmas countdown 2019. You can start with shopping for Christmas tree. If you want to buy a live tree, you should look for it in the first week of December. There will be good selection available and you won’t have to worry about the tree losing all its needles. Also, whether you’re having visitors or not, you need to clean the house to get it ready for Christmas.

#7: Finalise your menu

If you’re having visitors for Christmas, you need to finalise the menu for Christmas dinner. You need to double check if there are people with food allergies or dietary requirements. If you need to get turkey or ham, the ideal time to get them is the first or second week of December. You will have plenty of choices and they are still fresh. https://xmasztime.com/Christmas-countdown

There are many ways to get ready for Christmas countdown 2019 and people prepare for it differently everywhere. But if you do it early, you can just relax and enjoy the magic when Christmas comes.

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